The events and facts that will be discussed in this article have had and will have a tremendous impact on the financial world of Russia and Europe, and on everyone who has ever encountered financial markets and brokerage.

In 2016, a wave of searches in the offices of the Teletrade financial company swept through Moscow and then throughout Russia. All the public and governmental media reported about this news - the Internet was full of video clips in which brave camouflaged guys invaded the offices of this broker and seized documentation and software resources.

These numerous searches were carried out as part of investigative measures in the criminal case initiated against the then-licensed Teletrade Russia company (under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, fraud on an especially large scale). Teletrade stole more than 1 billion rubles from its customers. Employees of the company were detained on charges of fraud, but its owners and senior management managed to escape. The owner of Teletrade Russia Vladimir Chernobay and his nephew Oleg Suvorov, who was the head of  the financial department, went on the run


Who’s in charge? Vladimir Chernobay, Mingiyan Manzhikov and Oleg Suvorov

What is the well-known brokerage company "Teletrade"? Let's take a deeper look and shed light on her criminal activities, as well as introduce the main people standing at the helm of a broker and turning dark affairs.

The owner of the Teletrade group of companies, Vladimir Chernobay, did not have to wait for punishment for his crimes - he died of cancer in Germany, where he was hiding from justice. This fraudster with a considerable experience did not differ in high moral qualities - this concerned both business and personal life: even on his deathbed, a lascivious womanizer corresponded with damsels questionable morals.


Mingiyan Manzhikov


One of the closest and trusted people of the late Vladimir Chernobay. A cunning slime-lover, who always knew how to please his master, a man with bloated conceit and exorbitant ambitions. He still heads the back office of the company. Also, Teletrade accountancy is included in his submission.

In 2016, searches at the company frightened the cowardly Manzhikov so much that he began to beg Chernobay to give him the opportunity to leave Russia and organize a back office in the Czech Republic. There, striving for absolute and undivided power, he gathered around himself a predominantly female collective. He couldn’t manage with men so easily. In an atmosphere of flattery and worship, Manzhikov “rules” the back office, appearing only as a co-founder of the company. It was Mingiyan Manzhikov, together with the Teletrade accountant Elena Klipina, who developed the schemes for impudent theft of money from the accounts of the company's customers.

Those who steal millions, as a rule, violate the law not only in the financial sphere - the value of someone else's life fades before greed. This also concerns Mingiyan Manzhik. Together with Chernobay, he planned an attempted murder of Andrei Dashin, a rival of Chernobai, the owner of Alpari and FXTM, who lives in Cyprus. Fortunately, Dashin somehow found out about their criminal plan and Manzhikov stopped the implementation of the assassination plan. But today, according to his entourage, he is preparing another assassination attempt, already on another person.

Oleg Suvorov

The nephew of the late Chernobai - Oleg Suvorov - a hypocritical slippery young man, is not inferior to his uncle in unscrupulousness. But he was more fortunate - today he is alive and well and is hiding in the Czech Republic, where Mingiyan Manzhikov is hiding him. In fact, after the death of Chernobay, Suvorov proclaimed himself the owner of the company. He has already issued a US visa and is waiting until the deceased uncle’s wife inherits to sell Teletrade Cyprus, as he dreams, for $ 10,000,000 and to bankrupt Teletrade Saint Vincent and all the brokerage companies that he runs shortly afterwards.


Sergey Shamraev


Mingiyana Manzhikov’s snitch, a former director of Teletrade Russia, investigated in Russia in a criminal case on company fraud (under part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and is deprived of a certificate for the right to occupy a leading position in a brokerage company. Now Sergey Shamraev lives in Nicosia and leads. He took his position by fraud, having lied to the financial regulator CySEC (Cyprus) that he still has a certificate. Shamraev gathered inTeletrade Cyprus” all his accomplices, thieves from “Teletrade Russia”. Here in Europe, Sergey Shamraev fully unfolded his fraudulent schemes, the main of which is the drain of deposits of European customers through trading robots whose accounts are drawn up offshore.

Evgeny Galikhin


Leading programmer "Teletrade", who created the projects "Master invest" and "Synchronous trading" - one of the main inventors of the technical capabilities of "taking money" from customers. The impudent, shameless young man made a career in Teletrade, developing, in addition to the above projects, numerous trading robots with which scammers merge Teletrey’s customer accounts

Teletrade Cyprus, Teletrade Saint Vincent , Forex Optimum and other brokers working under their labels.

Sergey Bursh

The chief programmer of Teletrade, who is involved in all the frauds of the company, merging accounts, creating fake schedules, etc. Sergey Bursh is also responsible for CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management, an application software designed to automate strategies for interacting with customers and clients). ) He laid in the program the ability to literally by pressing a button close access to the entire system. In the event of force majeure, for example, a sudden visit by the police, this will not allow law enforcement agencies to obtain information about the activities of the company.


Elena Klipina

"Teletrade" financial accountant, whose greed and megalomania led her to the criminal path of conspiracy with the leaders of the company. Elena Klipina is an indispensable participant in all frauds with clients' accounts and money.

Dmitry Agafonov

Deputy and great friend of Oleg Suvorov. He also manages the financial currents  of Teletrade - it is Dmitry Agafonov who hides and cashes out the money stolen from the company's customers.


The composition of the "Teletrade" group of companies



Teletrade Cyprus is a licensed broker registered in Cyprus, licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC.

Teletrade Saint Vincent is a broker registered in the island state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is an offshore zone. The activities of this company are not regulated by anyone. At the moment, this broker does not work for sand nearely bankrupt almost two-thirds of its value. Withdrawals are limited. Payment systems and banks refused to cooperate with this company. The last one was Pasta Bank (Latvia), which contained a small portion of Teletrade equity, which was ultimately arrested by the bank. Mingiyan Manzhikov and Oleg Suvorov are waiting for Chernobays widow to inherit in order to remove the Teltrade equity and bankrupt the company.


Forex Optimum Group (“Forex Optimum Group”) is a TeleTrade broker who works under its own Forex Optimum Group label.


Hamilton is a TeleTrade broker who works under the Hamilton label.


EXUN is a TeleTrade broker who operates under its own EXUN label.


Center for Analytics and Financial Technologies (CAFT) is a subsidiary of TeleTrade, which attracts customers - client offices.


FENIX is a subsidiary of TeleTrade, attracting customers - client offices.

Technical support, which is currently located in Tula. Previously, she was in the Czech Republic and Moscow. Technical support is the same for all Teletrade brokers, both licensed and offshore.

The back office, part of which is located in Cyprus, and the other, a small part, headed by Mingiyan Manzhikov - in the Czech Republic. The back office is also one for all Teletrade brokerage companies, both licensed and offshore.

Department of Programmers. Programmers maintain a CRM system (one for all brokers included in the Teletrade group of companies). The department is responsible for:

work of terminals;


project "Synchronous trading";

the work of trading robots.

At the command of the TeleTrade management, programmers merge customer accounts using robots or illegally entering Personal Accounts (more about this later). Several offices are still located in Moscow.

About TeleTrade processes - all methods and mechanisms for deceiving customers


Like any broker, Teletrade has an A-book and a B-book. What it is? These are two forms of handling customer funds, two ways of making a profit.

A-book: the broker is only an intermediary and displays customer transactions to an external counterparty. Accordingly, it earns only on commissions and on the spread.

B-book: the broker “keeps” customer transactions. And this means that if the client loses money, they remain with the broker. Therefore, it is beneficial for any broker to let the client drain money. And the faster this happens, the better.

And for this there is ...

Tried and tested methods

Self trading. Of all customers, 97% merge their deposits in less than three months.

A good tool to attract a client is bonuses. They influence the customer’s greed, and push him to invest their money in Teletrade.

Client offices "Teletrade". Free seminars are held here, ostensibly in order to raise the level of financial literacy of people. But in fact, they have clients to invest their funds in Teletrade.

The main schemes of scams - your money ... became ours


The first grand scam is the Traders Exchange project.

Since the broker does not have the right to take clients' money into management, Chernobay and Manzhikov created an allegedly independent project - the “Traders Exchange”. In offices, clients were recommended to work with traders from this project. When the client wanted to withdraw

oh money, scammers instructed traders to command to merge the account. And traders, overnight, opening deals with large lots against the trend, poured the entire deposit to the client. Millions of dollars per month merged. Given that all the money was on the B-book, it is clear that all of it went to Chernobay, Manzhikov, Suvorov, Shamraev and other Teletrade fraudsters with whom they were in criminal conspiracy. After a long time, the volumes of stolen goods reached a “critical mass” and it became impossible to hide them. Then the scammers acted prudently and closed the Traders Exchange project.




But a holy place is never empty. For a new pumping of money from gullible customers, the Synchronous Trading project was developed.

Synchronous trading (LAMM)

It was predominantly composed not of human traders, but of trading robots. The essence of the project is in automated trading, when a client’s account is connected to the Master’s account, as a rule it is a trading robot, and transactions are copied automatically.

Programmer Yevgeny Galikhin, under the leadership of Manzhikov and Suvorov, open accounts for fake individuals and create a deposit with virtual money. A trading robot is connected to this deposit. Real clients with real money are connected to the same deposit (both those whose accounts are licensed by Teletrade and those whose accounts are offshore). Advertising is actively promoting trading robots as a technical innovation. They successfully collect customer money. And at the moment when the necessary amount has been collected, Galikhin reconfigures the program so that the robot merges his account, and, together with virtual money, merges the client’s real money.

Investigative authorities to disclose this scheme of fraudsters will not be difficult - just check the method of receipt of money on deposit. And it will immediately become clear that the funds were received into the account without a bank transfer or transfer through payment systems, but simply arose out of nowhere.

Greed and shamelessness, knowing no boundaries, OR how to steal half a million in a night

There are more brutal methods in the arsenal of scammers. This is an illegal entry under the username and password of the client in his Personal Account and the discharge of the deposit. How this happens can be seen in a very revealing example of a Tunisian client. The screenshots of CRM "Teletrade" below show how the client creates an application for withdrawal of $ 465,276. The application is confirmed by the office staff and the curators of the client office. Then Mingiyan Manzhikov enters the game and gives the command to make a withdrawal from the account, and then to the accountant to make a return to the account, that is, simulate sending money to the bank. Two minutes later, Manzhikov writes a command in CRM:

"To make a withdrawal from the account - then to a bukh to make a conclusion to the account - DO NOT SEND !!!"

And after a minute he again gives the command:

"To make a withdrawal from the account - then the bukh must be returned to the account - DO NOT SEND !!!"

Then writes already subordinate Manzhikova:

“Conduct a withdrawal from the account on MONDAY - then the account must be returned to the account - DO NOT SEND !!!”

And then the accountant Kadysheva, subordinate to Klipina, plays this whole “comedy” and writes in CRM:

“I gave it for registration”

"Received for payment"


And ultimately:


What really happened? Chernobay, Manzhikov and Suvorov realized that they expect a withdrawal of half a million dollars and decided to prevent this and appropriate this money. They simulated the withdrawal of money from a client’s trading account to a bank account. The client saw that the money had gone and calmly waited for the receipt of his funds in the bank. Suvorov and Agafonov watched as the head of the back office Manzhikov manipulate the client’s money. Manzhikov returned the money to the trading account, later explaining that the money was returned by the bank, for some unknown reason. And at night, Galikhin and Bursh, under the control of Manzhikov, Suvorov and Agafonov, illegally using the client's username and password, went to his trading account. There, they began to open deals on gold, in large volumes against the trend, and in a few hours the account was leaked by scammers to zero. Given that the client’s money was on the B-book, all these half a million in one night settled in the pockets of Vladimir Chernobay, Mingiyan Manzhikov and Oleg Suvorov. When the client saw what happened, he immediately began to write to Technical Support, where he, without any shyness, was sent away.

Is the prosecutor's office powerless? Vladimir Chernobay is already accountable to the highest court, while Mingiyan Manzhikov and Oleg Suvorov are still at large

This is just one of the many thefts. The theft of Chernobay, Manzhikov, Shamraev, Suvorov and other crooks "Teletrade" impresses with its arrogance and scale. After some time, an event occurred that is not difficult to associate with the case described above. In one of the Polish banks, Suvorov opened an account, which received ... half a million dollars. However, the Polish prosecutor’s office considered this money doubtful and seized the Teletrade account. Suvorov and Agafonov were repeatedly summoned to the investigating authorities. But Suvorov appeared only once in interrogation, and subsequently ignored these challenges. Now this money is considered by the Polish prosecutor's office as "black" and are preparing for withdrawal. I plan to file the Polish investigative authorities on the wanted list of Agafonov and Suvorov.

Most likely, upon learning that Oleg Suvorov is wanted in Russia (under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, fraud on an especially large scale), the Poles will join forces with their Russian colleagues.

Who ran into "Teletrade"

The fact that they were prosecuted by Chernobay, Suvorov and Manzhikov accused the owner of the Alpari and FXTM companies Andrei Dashin. Fraudsters believe that Dashin paid a huge bribe to his friend - the head of the Main Directorate of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption, Police Lieutenant General Andrei Anatolyevich Kurnosenko. And after that, he initiated a "hitting" at Chernobay and Suvorov. According to fraudsters, Kurnosenko through investigators extorted $ 5,000,000 from them for solving the issue. Chernobay and Suvorov, realizing that the smell was fried, went on the run, in the hope that while they were hiding, the situation would change, and Kurnosenko might be removed. But life decreed otherwise ... Chernobay died on the run. And Suvorov continues to hide from Manzhikov in the Czech Republic, and from there they run the company.


What are Oleg Suvorov and Mingiyan Manzhikov planning to do in the near future?

After inheriting the widow of Vladimir Chernobay, they intend to sell Teletrade Cyprus for 10-12 million dollars, bankrupt Teletrade St. Vincent and all other brokers of the Teletrade group of companies, and after that they leave for the USA and live comfortably there from the sale of company money. But completely objective circumstances may interfere with these plans. Their accomplice Sergey Shamraev has organized large-scale fraudulent activities in Europe and is robbing Teletrade customers. There is a high probability that the financial regulator will institute criminal proceedings under Teletrade Cyprus. And then Suvorov will not be able to sell the company. It is also likely that the Chernobays widow will not give Suvorov and Manzhikov the right to dispose of these companies, realizing that ultimately she will have to answer and suffer for their crimes.

And finally, the investigating authorities of Russia can unite with the Polish prosecutor’s office, jointly detain programmers and receive from them all the information about the technical side of fraudulent schemes. The investigators will surely find ways to put on the unclean IT people, and they will lay out everything as if in spirit. And if the investigation gets to Mingiyan Manzhikov and Elena Klipina, their testimony will finally dig a grave for all fraudsters, and they can be sent to prison for many years.

Justice must triumph, because the entire inheritance of the late Vladimir Chernobai is made from human grief. These capitals grew on the tears of people who lost their apartments, businesses, their hard-earned money earned by honest labor. The hour of retribution is sure to come. In the meantime, our correspondents will follow the progress of the investigation and acquaint readers with new facts about the case of the international broker Teletrade.

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